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Since the end of the World Championship, we don't have a lot of information about Team Fnatic but we were feeling that some things were going on, on the inside. How did you experience these last few months?

YellOwStaR : After our defeat against Alliance at the end of the split, we were determined to train hard for Worlds and make a difference, but it turns out that we did not have the means to go further than the Group stage. From there, a few players on our team had some difficulties to recover and the situation had begun to degenerate.

But we are very close friends and we started to discuss about the future, and each member of the team wanted to embrace their own one. I can only accept the decision of each of them because all I want is to play with players who have the same goal and I don't want to force anyone.



Was the departure of your former teammates acted long ago or was everything rushed recently?

YellOwStaR : We discussed a lot together about our own projects so everyone on the team was aware of the future of each other. The situation deteriorated severely in Korea because we were training against very good team, we then realized that we were doing the same mistakes repeatedly and weren't improving, that's the moment when the situation became worse.

But as I said, we were really close so we discussed again and again about the ambition of everyone. Finally, we decided to disband on good terms.


What does it mean to you to be the last survivor on the team ? Do you consider the situation as a fresh start?

YellOwStaR : I decided to accept the challenge. The team with xPeke, sOAZ, Cyanide and nRated helped me begin this unique adventure that is League of Legends. Without the Fnatic structure, my professional carrier as a player might not even have happened and that's why I am very grateful.

Challenges don't scare me because with work and ambition we always succeed and I think we will surprise everyone. With the experience I have gained over the years, I don't think that I start form scratch. Moreover, I will play with excellent players who will bring their own experience and fresh air is always good !


How long have you been working on this new line-up ?

YellOwStaR : After Worlds I already knew that I would have to find new teammates but not four at the same time ! Altogether, it happened pretty quickly during the off-season. We spent some time in South Korea during the bootcamp and played against a lot of teams, pro or amateurs, which allowed us to discover many players.

Fnatic and I talked about potential players and I was giving them some names to think about, regarding the level of these young talents. So we are today with a team with little-known figures... for now.


Was a french botlane your desire for a better communication, or is it a pure coincidence ? Since when do you know Steeelback ?

YellOwStaR : It's more of a coincidence, I was looking for a talented player, respectful and who wants to progress before anything else. I was eager to find someone who can take criticism positively on his strengths as well as weaknesses.

Communication is key as a team and not having taboos between teammates is essential ! I hesitated a lot on the adc because Rekkles was extremely strong and his successor had to be very solid mentally and mechanically. I discovered Steeelback in soloQ.


You are currently in Belgium for a bootcamp with the new team. Is communication with the Korean players complicated ? Do you think you have something to learn from them ?

YellOwStaR : Communication is really good since the beginning, I will let you discover that in our future games. One of them is still really young and may not be fluent in English  but he seems to adapt very quickly ! We have not encountered any problems yet.

Their experience provides crucial information regarding the perception of the game and I love that ! One of the main difference between EU and KR is their work methodology : they are really strict and critical about their own mistakes and will do everything to correct their flaws.



What are your objectives for the season 5 ?

YellOwStaR : Of course, when I start something, I am convinced by its potential. As a competitor, I want to be on the top and my personnal goals have not changed, otherwise I would feel like wasting my time.

My teammates and I will do our best to be in the top of the board : we certainly have a lot of work to do but it will be rewarded, so count on us.


How do you feel separating from sOAZ after so many years playing together ?

YellOwStaR : It's sad to part ways with someone with whom you spend so much time. I'm glad to have led him into the eSport world and to have played with a such talented player. I wish him the best of luck in his career.

Thank you YellowStar !

YellOwStaR : Thanks to everyone who supports us and believes in us, you can count on the team to  show you what we are capable of ! See you all on January 22 !


Yellow was at PGW and Callystoo met him for an interview.


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pouitox il y a 6 ans

Mon dieu que tu es con Vae.<br /> Yellow commence chez aAa. la LU se fait racheté par M. Ca foire, et ils retournent casi tous chez aAa. Puis y'a SK jusqu'à ce qu'il se fasse jetter par l'espagnol prétentieux. Et pour rappel, juste comme ça, mais à cette époque, l'e-sport sur Lol était pas du tout structuré. Depuis que c'est le cas, il a fait une team, Fnatic. DOnc que tu sois un hater, pourquoi pas, mais faut pas être débile non plus.<br /> <br /> Et pour les tounrois full FR, ça a toujours été des tournois fait pour que des joueurs de team diverses se réunissent pour passer du bon temps et faire des games. Il allait pas jouer un tournoi full fr avec la LU Fnatic, réfléchis 2 secondes.

Vae il y a 6 ans

Ma mémoire n'est pas assez bonne pour me souvenir de toutes les équipes de Yellow pendant la S2... Je tente un truc, aAa => M => aAa => M => SK. Bien évidemment, dedans je ne compte pas le tournoi full fr où il a joué pour au moins 3 équipes différentes (pendant le même tournoi oui), il tournait bien la coquine. :3

redwolfson il y a 6 ans

"la petite salope de l'e-sport" ??? euh tu t'explique ?

Vae il y a 6 ans

C'est vrai que le Yellow a bien changé, la petite salope de l'e-sport qui reste fidèle à Fnatic, personne n'aurait parié un euro dessus pendant la saison 2.

HCoverd il y a 6 ans

putain comment il a fondu le bougre ... tout comme JDG, impressionnant !

grabuche il y a 6 ans

Vous m'avez tué avec les photos de Yellow xD

Exelo0 il y a 6 ans

Superbe interview qui m'apprend beaucoup de choses que je voulais savoir.<br /> Bon courage Yellow !

Hec7or il y a 6 ans

Bonne chance yellow. Tu es clairement le joueur le plus sympa et le plus balaise de la scène francophone pour moi.

pipo59 il y a 6 ans

bonne chance yellow

pouitox il y a 6 ans

J'ai confiance en Yellow et je sens que cette équipe va faire taire pas mal de monde.

Mafia il y a 6 ans

J’espère que cette équipe ira loin, j'adore la façon de penser de Yellow qui est pour moi l'un des joueurs avec la meilleur mentalité de la scène.


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